About Greg Olsen Design Build LLC

His passion for residential home design started when he was 12 years old when he walked into a friend's house in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was a Bungalow built in the early 1940s. He was immediately drawn to the craftsmanship and overall feeling this iconic style home had. After that day, he started looking at all homes with interest; wondering why some houses felt different than others.
Greg Olsen has been designing residential homes for over 26 years.

He comes from a family of talented artists. His Grandfather being one of them. He was integral in honing Greg's artistic mind. He'd take Greg on trips where they'd spend the day sketching whatever they saw. He taught Greg to see the multi-layered colors, shades, and shadows that weren't obvious to him before.

Greg took many art classes, but it wasn't until High School that he was able to take his first Architectural design class. He was hooked. He knew, without any doubt, that he would pursue a career designing homes.

At the age of 20, and with technical training under his belt, he secured a job with a Model Home Builder in Milwaukee. He worked under two Architects who taught him how to present drawings properly. It was 1993. Amazingly, computer-aided drafting was still in its infancy. So, it wasn't uncommon for Greg to draw plans by hand. But learning CAD proficiently changed his designing world forever. The speed in which an idea came to life on the computer gave him the ability to produce drawings more efficiently than ever. No More erasing!

In 1997 He moved onto another Milwaukee based Builder. It was there he worked under the eye of a talented Master Carpenter. He taught Greg how to put together Architectural documents that carpenters would appreciate. Up to this point, he'd only been concerned about the presentation of the designs. He was now learning what information was necessary for the carpenters and how to accommodate all contractors working on the construction of the home.

In 2000, Greg leaped into Business ownership and became an independent contractor. It was scary at first. But after his first solo project, he was off and running. Greg can design any style of home, whether it be traditional, French Country, Arts and Crafts, Farmhouse, Modern, Contemporary, or anything in between. His talent and forward-thinking have created some of the most beautiful homes in Southeastern Wisconsin.

One thing that sets Greg apart from other designers is his knack for extracting information from his clients. He's naturally curious and genuinely interested in the people he meets. That benefits his clients as they try to navigate through the complicated process of describing their potential new home. Greg asks the right questions and can make people feel confident that he will produce a fantastic design. But design is only as good as the budget the home is designed around. Greg is a stickler for keeping everything within budget. It's impossible to get an exact number based on a design without getting a full bid, but he knows within a small percentage of what his clients are asking for is within their budget. It's not uncommon for Greg to reign in design to keep everything on track from a budgetary standpoint.

As Building practices change, Greg is still adapting to the needs of carpenters, his clients, and other contractors. He continues to be at the forefront of the latest design trends. He will never make his clients feel as if their design is HIS design.

Greg will be working for decades to come doing what he's always done and remembering where it all started; that first Bungalow he saw. Grabbing elements of design from the past and blending them into new styles for his clients and their families to enjoy for generations.